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What happens to your Bitcoin when you die?

Pass on your crypto to the next generation.

Bloomberg lists 5 bullish trends for Bitcoin price despite ‘Thanksgiving crash’

Bloomberg praises market depth and liquidity, agreeing that conditions are much better now than during Bitcoin’s 2017 bull run.

Ethereum Classic plans ‘Thanos’ hard fork to restore mining with older GPUs

Four gigabyte devices will soon be able to find a new home on ETC.

Huobi launches regulated crypto exchange in Malaysia

The new entity is called Huobi Labuan, and its brokerage license allows it to offer crypto spot and derivatives trading for an initial nine-month trial period.

Chinese police seized crypto assets worth $4.2B today from PlusToken Ponzi

Court filings from Nov. 19 show that a large volume of crypto assets, including Bitcoin and Ether, was seized from seven convicts in the PlusToken case.

Exchanges outdo auctions for governments cashing in criminal crypto, says exec

Governments are increasingly liquidating crypto assets seized in criminal investigations.

Bitcoin price dives back under $16,900 as whale deposits spike again

Bitcoin loses $17,000 as whales started to deposit BTC to exchanges once again.

Facebook’s Libra to reportedly launch in January 2021 as USD stablecoin

Libra will initially be pegged to just one fiat currency.

Wallets with less than 1 BTC account for just 5% of Bitcoin’s market cap

With the number of “wholecoiner” Bitcoin wallets holding at least 1 BTC increasing every year, the remaining addresses represent just 5% of Bitcoin’s market cap.

Iota teams up with Austrian uni for Internet of Things and blockchain research lab

The Iota Foundation is teaming up with one of Austria’s most prestigious universities to foster research in distributed ledger technologies.

OECD tax director says international crypto tax standards are coming in 2021

The director of the OECD’s tax center has revealed that the organization expects to release a tax reporting standard for crypto assets by the end of next year.

Stack Funds hails Bitcoin’s ‘healthy correction,’ predicts ‘euphoria’ ahead

Bitcoin could surge toward $100,000 next year following yesterday’s “healthy pullback,” with market psychology currently in the “belief” stage, says Stack Funds.

Majority of Indian investors see 'no easy way to enter' crypto

Most mainstream Indian investors still do not see an easy way to enter the crypto markets despite recent regulatory liberalization regarding virtual currencies.

Cointelegraph Consulting: Overwhelming bullish sentiment once again proves costly

Analysis of sentiment and on-chain data shows that a correction was likely to occur. Is there still room for growth?

Cypherpunk Holdings becomes 9th-largest public holder of Bitcoin

Canadian holding company dumped XMR and ETH to fund its acquisition.

Bitcoin and blockchain topics to discuss with the crypto curious this Thanksgiving

Experts explain how to address common questions newcomers may have regarding bitcoin and the blockchain space.

Record $7.4B Bitcoin futures open interest shows pros still expect $20K BTC

Bitcoin price fell short of reaching $20,000, but record-high open interest on BTC futures shows pros are still bullish.

Garlinghouse: Ripple would still thrive even if XRP were declared a security

The CEO thinks his company will be just fine, even in this hypothetical scenario.

Compound liquidator makes $4M as oracles post inflated Dai price

Dai reached a price of $1.3 on Uniswap and Coinbase, the two exchanges used by Compound’s oracles.

Bitcoin is disruptive, making its market cycles erratic, Horizen CEO says

Bitcoin price cycles may not be as consistent as some believe, according to two industry CEOs.